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The ERINHA-AISBL General Assembly recently appointed Dr Jonathan Ewbank as the new Director General of ERINHA. He joined ERINHA infrastructure on 1st of October 2021 succeeding Dr Hervé Raoul, founder, and long-standing head of ERINHA. Dr Ewbank earned his Masters in Biochemistry (1988) from the University of Oxford (UK) and his PhD degree in Biophysics […]

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This project is an INFRA-SERV action – a new type of action under Horizon Europe with a challenge-driven approach that reflects the EU’s willingness to build consortiums in position to tackle the most complex societal problems. It is more particularly part of the HERA incubator (Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority), a European bio-defence preparedness […]

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Fév 05, 2021

Biomedical research needs to be done with speed, efficiency, and high-quality standards in order to help patients effectively fight diseases like COVID-19. To help researchers, European Life Science Research Infrastructures can provide access to high-end facilities and services for biological and medical research – from human samples to mouse models, imaging technologies to chemical screening […]

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The EOSC-Life Training team offers funding to support training activities and provides expertise and guidance to help you organise successful and impactful training through our Training Open Call.Proposals can be submitted for funding to support the following activities: Development of new courses or other training activities Delivery of courses or other training activities Capacity building […]

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