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About us

Concept, Approach & Mission

Erinha’s concept

ERINHA is a pan-European distributed Research Infrastructure dedicated to the study of high-consequence emerging and re-emerging pathogens.

It brings together leading European Bio-Safety Level 4 and complementary (e.g. BSL3) facilities with longstanding experience of public health research in the field of highly infectious diseases. Such a coordinated approach is vital in a context marked by frequent globalization of infectious diseases with high risk for public health, society and economy.

The over-arching goal of ERINHA is to provide capacities to conduct projects which are broad in scope, ambition and require a range of capabilities that no single facility or even country can provide on its own.


The globalization of infectious diseases, the recent epidemics of Ebola, Zika and the pandemic of COVID19 demonstrate the reality of dangerous infectious threats and the worldwide vulnerability towards them.

ERINHA offers a coordinated access to a large variety of high containment facilities with high quality services and expertise.


Our Mission

ERINHA’s mission is to advance research on high consequence (re)emerging diseases and to contribute to protecting human health by increasing Europe’s preparedness for and capability to respond to highly pathogenic infectious threats.