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ERINHA provides access to high containment research services to all scientists with a relevant research project. ERINHA facilities are capable of handling all Risk Group 4 (RG4) pathogens and emerging infectious diseases requiring high containment environment.


ERINHA laboratories are authorized to work with all RG4 pathogens and select emerging pathogens . and can perform all standard assays. ERINHA works with service requesters to develop and optimize new assays when appropriate to complete a service request. ERINHA has also great interest in working for the development of new tools and methods that can replace the use of animal experimentation.

Contact us at contact (at) to discuss the feasibility of your project.


In general, ERINHA facilities work with small rodent models (mice, hamsters), ferrets and non-human primates. Only some animal types are suitable for specific pathogens. New animal model development can be considered to complete a request.

Additionally to laboratory services ERINHA provides expertise and training services.

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Given ERINHA’s unique capacity, ERINHA will focus on each individual request to determine suitability. ERINHA CCU may work with one ERINHA laboratory or multiple laboratories to ensure that all components of a request are feasible.

In order to request access, an Application form should be filled out and returned to the ERINHA CCU.

For security reasons, ERINHA does not provide detailed list of services and pathogens.

For more information a detailed request should be sent to ERINHA through the mechanisms listed above.