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Value to Europe

ERINHA’s uniqueness

ERINHA has been set up as a pan-European research infrastructure bringing together leading European high-containment facilities  to advance research on high consequence pathogens .

ERINHA provides access to its high-containment and complementary facilities to researchers from Academia and Industry, and focuses onincreasing European and global preparedness to outbreaks of high consequence pathogens.

ERINHA was identified on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) 2008 strategic Roadmap which highlights investment priorities in European Research Infrastructures for the next 10-20 years. Since 2018, ERINHA has been granted the landmark status on the ESFRI roadmap, and considered as an important element of competitiveness of the European Research Area.

Currently ERINHA is the only Research Infrastructure of its kind worldwide and therefore represents a fundamental added value contributing to the European excellence in the field of research, competitiveness, innovation, health security and preparedness.

What are European Research Infrastructures?

The European Commission, in close collaboration with Member States, defines, evaluates and implements strategies and tools to provide Europe with world-class sustainable Research Infrastructures. Its strategic instrument, ESFRI, was set up to develop the scientific integration of Europe and to strengthen its international outreach.

By making high-quality facilities, resources and services available to the whole scientific community, European research infrastructures ensure that science is driven by excellence and not by the research capacity of individual countries, economic sectors, or institutions.

European Research Infrastructures Make Science Happen

ERINHA is part of the European Life-sciences Research Infrastructures (LSRI) network.

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