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Scientific services

Access to High Containment Facilities

ERINHA offers in‑person and remote access to high containment facilities allowing researchers to advance research on high-consequence pathogens.

  • For researchers conducting in vitro work, training will be provided, allowing the User to access a BSL3/BSL4 laboratory for conducting an experiment. Access may also be remote, depending on the nature of the project and needs of the User.
  • For researchers conducting in vivo work, remote access is proposed. For safety reasons, highly-experienced ERINHA Facility staff conducts in vivo experimentation according to the research plan developed by the User with ERINHA’s support.

ERINHA works to increase our understanding of highly infectious diseases, develop new countermeasures (e.g. vaccines, therapeutics) and diagnostic capabilities, and translate them to the market.

ERINHA is currently looking to expand innovation within high containment research and is searching for exciting projects that require the use of BSL4 laboratory and complementary facilities.  These projects may come from researchers who have a drug, vaccine or therapeutic with theoretical efficacy against a highly pathogenic agent.

Access to High Containment, Biosafety and Biosecurity Expertise

ERINHA’s senior scientists and experts in biosafety and biosecurity with long-standing experience in operating and maintaining biocontainment facilities (BSL4 and complementary) provide expertise on:

  • Development of research programs on high-consequence pathogens
  • Developing risk assessments
  • Building and operating a high containment facility
  • Designing and implementing a biosafety program
  • Other expertise related to high containment research facilities