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Access modalities

There are 3 main Access mechanisms for ERINHA.

The User Guidelines provide detailed information on ERINHA’s access mechanisms.

Download ERINHA users Handbook

Given the sensitive nature of its activities, ERINHA and its member facilities reserve the right to limit access due to, among others but not limited to:

  1. National security and defense matters,
  2. Applicable laws,
  3. Ethical considerations,
  4. Inadequate background of the requesters.

Paying Services

Any individual researcher or group of researchers requiring access to ERINHA’s capacities is eligible regardless of geographical location or institute affiliation, as long as the request fits the scientific scope and ethical policy of ERINHA. Any request may be subject to ERINHA Executive Board approval.

All requesters will be required to sign an ERINHA Service Provision Contract which addresses all financial and legal matters, including but not limited to: intellectual property ownership, provision of services from ERINHA, and expectations of all parties.

Request form for services

TransNational Access 

Through the ERINHA-Advance Horizon 2020 funded project, ERINHA offers scientists free of charge transnational access (TNA) to the infrastructure’s full catalog of services.

Transnational Access is either:

  • In person/on-site, and provided to selected Users that visit the facilities, on the necessary conditions that the users have appropriate background and successfully complete the required training
  • Remote, through the provision of remote scientific services to selected Users

Note: Remote access will systematically apply for in vivo experiments

To facilitate TNA to ERINHA’s member facilities, ERINHA periodically opens a call for applications.

More information on ongoing and/or upcoming TNA calls can be found here


ERINHA capacities are available for use within collaborative projects. For groups that wish to enter into a collaborative project with ERINHA, an approval process by ERINHA governing bodies will apply.

For collaborative projects, the Central Coordinating Unit (CCU) will coordinate the participation of ERINHA member facilities willing to enter the Consortium, including writing the proposal and establishing the budget.