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ERINHA joins the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) association

Juin 17, 2022

Date: 25 May, 2022

ERINHA has become an Observer member in the EOSC Association after approval by the General Assembly meeting that took place in Brussels today. The Association membership is jointly responsible for delivering the objectives agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the European Union and EOSC Association to form the official Partnership.

« The on-going pandemic has graphically illustrated the importance of rapid and open data sharing, with the well-known mantra, « as open as possible, as closed as necessary. ERINHA will be represented by its data steward Romain David, who is already involved in several key European and global data consortia, ensuring that ERINHA stays abreast of the field and influences policy when it comes to the matter of sensitive data » highlighted ERINHA DG, Dr Jonathan Ewbank.

EOSC is be a multi-disciplinary environment where researchers can publish, find and re-use data, tools and services, enabling them to better conduct their work. EOSC builds on existing infrastructure and services supported by the EC, Member States and research communities. It brings these together in a federated ‘system of systems’ approach, adding value by aggregating content and enabling services to be used together.


ERINHA is a pan-European distributed Research Infrastructure dedicated to the study of high-consequence emerging and re-emerging pathogens. It brings together leading European high containment facilities with longstanding experience of research in the field of highly infectious diseases and offers a coordinated access to them to academic and private sector scientists.
ERINHA’s mission is to advance research on high consequence (re)emerging diseases and to contribute to protecting human health by increasing Europe’s preparedness for, and capability to respond to, highly pathogenic infectious threats.

About EOSC Association

The ambition of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is to develop “Web of FAIR Data and services’ for science in Europe. This environment will operate under well-defined conditions to ensure trust and safeguard the public interest. Expectations of service providers and users will be made explicit to ensure appropriate behaviour.

EOSC will improve the situation for researchers in many ways, namely:

  • Seamless access to content and services via common AAI,
  • Access to data from various sources which is FAIR and ideally open,
  • Access to services for storage, computation, analysis, preservation and more,
  • Adoption of standards so data and services can be combined,
  • Helpdesk, training and support to improve use of EOSC.

EOSC is recognised by the Council of the European Union as the pilot action to deepen the new European Research Area (ERA). It is also recognised as the science, research and innovation data space which will be fully articulated with the other sectoral data spaces defined in the European strategy for data. Source: EOSC and European Commission