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ERINHA – AISBL General Assembly appoints Dr Jonathan EWBANK as Director General

Oct 01, 2021

The ERINHA-AISBL General Assembly recently appointed Dr Jonathan Ewbank as the new Director General of ERINHA. He joined ERINHA infrastructure on 1st of October 2021 succeeding Dr Hervé Raoul, founder, and long-standing head of ERINHA.

Dr Ewbank earned his Masters in Biochemistry (1988) from the University of Oxford (UK) and his PhD degree in Biophysics (1992) from the prestigious Trinity College, Cambridge. He was a post-doc at McGill University in Montreal (Canada) before joining the Centre of Immunology of Marseille-Luminy (France) in 1997, where he held the position of Group leader, and was Deputy Director for 3 years from 2012. During his scientific career, he has notably worked on Immunology, Molecular Biology & Genetics.

In his new role as ERINHA-AISBL Director General, he will be responsible for further development of ERINHA infrastructure and enhancing its capacities and scientific involvement, building on the work already performed by Hervé Raoul and the ERINHA Central Coordinating Unit team.

Under Hervé Raoul’s lead, the ERINHA initiative was born, and from a project in 2010 became a renowned pan-European research infrastructure with national nodes throughout Europe. In 2018 ERINHA received the landmark status on European ESFRI roadmap, and became fully operational, providing a large range of services to the whole scientific community. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic ERINHA has mobilized its research facilities to contribute to the European research effort and will coordinate the broad European “Integrated Services for Infectious Diseases Outbreak Research” (ISIDORe) project.


ERINHA is a pan-European distributed Research Infrastructure dedicated to the study of high-consequence emerging and re-emerging pathogens. It brings together leading European Bio-Safety Level 3 and 4 facilities and research institutes with longstanding experience of research in the field of highly infectious diseases. ERINHA offers a coordinated access to a large variety of high containment facilities with high quality services and expertise.

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