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ERINHA joins the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness (GloPID-R) network

Jan 31, 2022

Date: 27 January, 2022

ERINHA has become an observer-member of the Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Disease Preparedness. GloPID-R brings together research funding organizations from around the world to facilitate effective and rapid research on new or reemerging epidemic or pandemic-prone pathogens.

“ERINHA’s research strategy prioritizes high-consequence pathogens. The current pandemic has underlined once again the importance of planning and investing in preparedness research. Joining the GloPID-R alliance opens for ERINHA new opportunities for tight international cooperation to advance research on epidemic-prone pathogens. We are committed to supporting GloPID-R’s mission and goals and hope that ERINHA’s expertise in high-containment research will contribute to the network’s activities”
Jonathan EWBANK, ERINHA Director General

GloPID-R aims to advance preparedness and response research by analysing the current state of knowledge and preparedness, and identifying gaps as possible areas for funding, as well as accelerating research at the outset of an epidemic to fight emerging or re-emerging pathogens and develop medical countermeasures.

About Erinha

ERINHA is a pan-European distributed Research Infrastructure dedicated to the study of high-consequence emerging and re-emerging pathogens. It brings together leading European high containment facilities with longstanding experience of research in the field of highly infectious diseases and offers a coordinated access to them to academic and private sector scientists.
ERINHA’s mission is to advance research on high consequence (re)emerging diseases and to contribute to protecting human health by increasing Europe’s preparedness for, and capability to respond to, highly pathogenic infectious threats.

About GloPID-R

GloPID-R is an international network of research funding organizations on a global scale that aims to facilitate an effective and rapid research on a new or re-emerging infectious diseases with epidemic and pandemic potential. By bringing together funding bodies investing in research related to new or re-emerging infectious diseases, GloPID-R helps ensure that research capacity and capabilities are in place to support the conduct of scientific research. GloPID-R is currently composed of 33 member and 6 observer organisations.