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« Be Sustainable! »

Sep 25, 2023

A new ERINHA paper is out in the EMBO Journal! Entitled « Be sustainable recommendations » for FAIR Resources in Life Sciences research: EOSC-Life’s Lessons this article discusses the objectives and obstacles faced by the Life Science (LS) communities within the Open Science framework, focusing on enhancing the reusability and sustainability of data, software tools, and workflows in large-scale data-driven research. The authors draw from their collaborative work within the EOSC-Life consortium, comprising 13 European LS Research Infrastructures (RIs), to establish an open digital space supporting biological and medical research.

To achieve this, the consortium lays the foundation for an open, digital space that supports biological and medical research, and within this context, the article presents a wealth of crucial findings, procedural insights, effective measures, and recommendations.

The challenges facing the sustainability of LS resources are systematically addressed. These challenges span organizational, technical, financial, and legal/ethical domains, and they represent significant barriers to long-term viability within LS research.

The article also introduces the EOSC-Life support model, which is designed to ensure sustainable FAIR data management. This model encompasses sensitive and industry-related resources and is underpinned by cross-disciplinary training and the sharing of best practices.

Finally, the article highlights the role of data harmonization and collaborative work in promoting interoperability across tools, data, solutions, and the development of a deeper understanding of key concepts, semantics, and functionalities within the Life Sciences.