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European agile network for medical COUNTERmeasures against CBRN threats

Août 02, 2022

2 August 2022

The European Commission announced plans to grant a total EU funding of almost €1.2 billion supporting 61 collaborative defence research and development projects selectedfollowing the first ever calls for proposals under the European Defence Fund (EDF).

The European Defence Fund incentivises and supports collaborative, cross-border research, and development in the area of defence. The Fund increase the EU’s technological edge and develop the capabilities that are key for the strategic autonomy and resilience of the Union and its Member States and the protection of its citizens. Complementing and amplifying Member States’ efforts, the Fund promotes cooperation among companies and research actors of all sizes and geographic origin in the EU. In doing so, it will integrate further the European defence techno-logical and industrial base, develop industrial skills and competencies as well as the innovation potential of Europe’s industry.

After being very positively evaluated the « European agile network for medical COUNTERmeasures Against CBRN Threats » (COUNTERACT) proposal led by the French Atomic Energy Commission have been invited by the Commission to prepare a Grant Agreement.

The COUNTERACT project aims to establish a robust and agile network within the EU to be capable to develop and deploy medical countermeasures (MCMs) against major Chemical-Biological- Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats such as terror plots, nuclear accidents, weapon developments and epidemics caused by emerging or re-emerging high-consequence pathogens. COUNTERACT will increase EU preparedness for immediate response to such threats.

The Commission services will now enter into grant agreement preparation with the selected applying consortia.

Check the COUNTERACT factsheet here

More information available on the European Commission website: