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COUNTERACT: Reinforcing the European Union’s preparedness for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats

Jan 09, 2023

The “European agile network for medical COUNTERmeasures Against CBRN Threats” (COUNTERACT) project aims to reinforce the EU’s preparedness to CBRN threats through new medical countermeasures against current and future threats, and by establishing a responsive and flexible network to speed up their pre-clinical and clinical development.

Started in December 2022, the 56 M€ 4-year COUNTERACT project is co-funded for 49M € by the European Defence Fund and coordinated by the CEA.

ERINHA and its members from Hungary (NNK), Sweden (FOMH) and France (INSERM), with extensive experience in research on high-consequence pathogens, will more particularly contribute to the development of countermeasures against biological threats, and the establishment of a European umbrella structure for the health sector, targeting defence.

The world needs to be better prepared to face CBRN threats. ERINHA and its participating members are proud to contribute their unique skills and experience in the field of highly pathogenic agents to the COUNTERACT project. Helping increase the EU’s preparedness to epidemics caused by (re-)emerging high-consequence pathogens is one of ERINHA’s core mission; this ambitious initiative is a vital step in the right direction”, explained Jonathan Ewbank, ERINHA’s Director General.

COUNTERACT brings together partners from 26 universities, technological  research bodies, research institutes, SMEs and start-ups from 11 EU Member States.

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