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2019/11/21 Vaccines against Lassa virus disease – Joint EDCTP and CEPI call

Août 03, 2020

The joint EDCTP and CEPI call on “Vaccines against Lassa virus disease” was launched to support distinct strategic actions (clinical research activities) which are part of efforts to prepare and conduct a large-scale clinical trial. The goal is to achieve proof of concept and/or demonstrate the efficacy of novel candidate vaccines against Lassa virus (LASV).

Applications are invited for large-scale collaborative projects which include one or more clinical trials (phase II to III) aiming to accelerate the clinical development of Lassa candidate vaccines.

Deadline for applications: 7 April, 2020
More information can be found here

Lassa virus has been added to the WHO R&D Blueprint list of diseases for which there is an urgent need for accelerated research and development, considering the disease’s potential to cause a public health emergency, and given the absence of efficacious drugs and/or vaccines. LASV is a priority pathogen of ERINHA’s research portfolio. If you are interested in ERINHA’s high containment facilities, expertise and functions for applying to the call, please contact the Central Coordinating Unit.