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11/01/2021 Making experimental data tables in the life sciences more FAIR: a pragmatic approach

Jan 11, 2021

A new paper co-authored by ERINHA Data-Scientist Romain DAVID has been published in GigaScience Journal. The paper “Making experimental data tables in the life sciences more FAIR: a pragmatic approach” offers an approach that can serve as a model for research data management. It allows researchers to disseminate their data by satisfying the main FAIR criteria.

The integration of the FAIR principles into the overall research process is not an easy taskand requires changes in data management practices. Furthermore, the publication of research data according to the FAIR principles has become a major challenge as grant funders explicitly mentions FAIR principles as a mandatory reference.

The paper’s starting point is based on the hypothesis that it is more appropriate to use virtuous principles as far upstream as possible from the data rather than trying to comply with FAIR principles downstream.Illustrated with experimental data tables associated with a Design of Experiments, this paper proposes an approach aiming to facilitate the FAIR compliance process. This is done by providing researchers with tools to improve their data management practicesby satisfying the main FAIR criteria without insurmountable efforts.