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11/01/2021 39 Hints to Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition

Jan 11, 2021

The new paper “39 Hintsto Facilitate the Use of Semantics for Data on Agriculture and Nutrition” has been published in Data Science Journal and co-authored by ERINHA Data-Scientist Romain DAVID. The paper was developed in the framework of the Agrisemantics Working Group of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) which aims to gather community-based requirements and use cases for an infrastructure that supports appropriate use of semantics for data interoperability focusing on agriculture.

Semantics is often left implicit in the data, the semantic resources used to create the data are not easily accessible, or available in non-standard formats. The work reported in this paper aims at contributing to agricultural data interoperability, by providing operational suggestions to the user profiles involved in the entire data lifecycle, with a special focus on creators and users of semantic resources.

From 2016 to 2019, the group gathered researchers and practitioners at the crossing point between information technology and agricultural science, to study all aspects in the life cycle of semantic resources: conceptualization, edition, sharing, standardization, services, alignment, long term support.