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07/04/2020 – EUROCOVID consortium

Août 03, 2020

ERINHA is involved in EUROCOVID project consortium recently submitted to IMI call “Development of therapeutics and diagnostics combatting coronavirus infections”. EUROCOVID EUROpean COoperation for anti-VIral Drug discovery and preparedness for current and emerging coronavirus outbreaks”creates a European, multidisciplinary world-class network for the development of pan-coronavirus antivirals that will rapidly respond to the current SARS-CoV 2 outbreak and to future related outbreaks or to the emergence of immune-escape or drug-resistant viral strains. If the project is funded, ERINHA will lead a crucial part of the pre-clinical work and deploy the capacities of several members (KUL, FoHM, NNK and ERASMUS MC) to test the in vivo efficacy of antiviral compounds characterized by other partners of the project.
Another European research infrastructure, EU-OPENSCREEN is also highly involved in the consortium by providing access to their small molecules library through screening campaigns at their partner sites.