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A new Collaborative Effort in Developing Countermeasures Against Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Virus

Mar 25, 2024

20/03/2024, Paris, France

ERINHA (European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents) is proud to announce its role in co-coordinating the CCHFVACIM project, a groundbreaking collaborative initiative, financed under Horizon Europe, aimed at developing prophylactic and therapeutic countermeasures against the Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Virus (CCHFV). CCHFV is a highly threatening vector-borne pathogen with a wide distribution, including across the European continent.

The CCHFVACIM project will employ deep structural biology studies on viral glycoproteins, investigation of immunogenicity of viral antigens, and optimization of an mRNA vaccine candidate against CCHFV. Additionally, the project will focus on the development of immunotherapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) targeting CCHFV’s antigenic targets.

Building upon the successes of previous projects such as CCHFever (FP7) and CCHFVaccine (H2020), CCHFVACIM will initiate a unique One-Health platform strategy to address various aspects of this severe public health threat. This includes utilizing advanced animal models to assess vaccine candidates and establishing a biobank from CCHF patients for the production of monoclonal antibodies.

Furthermore, CCHFVACIM will contribute to capacity building of European infrastructures, establishing a platform on mRNA-based vaccines. Ultimately, the project aims to develop a roadmap to bring the most efficacious vaccine candidates and immunotherapy tools to Phase I clinical trials in humans.

The results of the CCHFVACIM project will be disseminated widely among the scientific community, public health authorities, non-governmental organizations, outbreak management teams, and hospitals. This endeavour aims to contain the burden of CCHF disease and enhance preparedness for future outbreaks.

A website and social media channels will be launched soon, stay connected to ERINHA to follow-up!

Work Package Leaders of the CCHFVACIM project at the kick-off meeting in Paris, march 20 2024.
Work Package Leaders of the CCHFVACIM project at the kick-off meeting in Paris, march 20 2024.