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21 October 2021 ― Virtual SciDataCon, Earth and Environmental vocabularies and ontologies today: how are they managed? How are they used by scientists? Digital event

Sep 28, 2021

This session presents seven experts with a range of approaches to effectively using heterogeneous environmental and earth science terms. They will present brief histories of vocabulary implementation, plus the challenges encountered in real-world use. After the presentations, a panel discussion will be used to outline characteristics of vocabularies and ontologies which are required to support existing and anticipated environmental and earth science research.

Environmental and Earth sciences are faced with complex and dynamic challenges: they cannot be solved in isolation from each other or from other sciences, such as the social and health sciences. Researchers who tackle real world challenges must have data that are easy to use and understandable in a variety of contexts. To ensure that, it is necessary to use defined and largely accepted terminology for data.

SciDataCon is the international conference for scrutiny and discussion of the frontier issues of data in research. The scope of SciDataCon covers policy matters and the place of data in the scientific endeavour and scholarly communications. For this year’s conference, Virtual SciDataCon will organize a serie of conference including one on Earth and Environmental vocabularies and ontologies today.

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