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Conference on European Research Infrastructures in the Health Area

Juil 04, 2023

DATE: July 4th
Online 10:00-13:00 CEST

Our Spanish member, the Charles III Health Institute (ISCIII), is organising a conference on European health research infrastructures on Tuesday 4 July.

The conference will present the infrastructures that exist in the field of health and the services they offer to the scientific community. Success stories will be presented and the role of these infrastructures in European research and the challenges surrounding their work will be analysed.

The following infrastructures are participating: EATRIS (translational medicine), ECRIN (clinical trials), BBMRI (biobanks), ELIXIR (biomedical data), EuOpenScreen (drug screening), ERINHA (pathogens), MIRRI (microbial biodiversity), INSTRUCT (structural biology), INFRAFRONTIER (animal models) and EUROBIOIMAGING (imaging technologies).

This conference is in Spanish and can be viewed on the ISCIII youtube channel.