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ERINHA-Advance 3rd TNA call for proposals

Apply & get free of charge transnational access to ERINHA services
to advance your research on SARS CoV 2

In 2020, in the framework of the EU funded H2020 project ERINHA-Advance, free of charge* TransNational Access (TNA) to ERINHA services has been offered to Users for advancing their research on SARS CoV 2/Covid 19. With the pandemic still ongoing, ERINHA is renewing once more its commitment to supporting scientific Users by extending ERINHA-Advance TNA activities and launching an impact driven 3rd call for proposals still dedicated to SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19, with a special emphasis on variants of concern.

Please note that, due to the current circumstances, we will only provide remote access to ERINHA services (see ERINHA Advance TNA Programme Guidelines).
* Free of charge transnational access includes administrative & logistical support, remote use of ERINHA high containment facilities, and technical & scientific support.


Your application for free of charge TNA to ERINHA services may request in vitro and/or in vivo high containment services for supporting and advancing your research in one of the main following areas:

SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis (e.g., innovative technologies, improvement of existing methods, etc.);
Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2;
Therapeutics with direct anti-SARS-CoV-2 effects, including new or repurposed drugs; monoclonal antibodies, synthetic antibodies, etc.;
Pathophysiology of field variants in target cells, virus-host interactions, elicited immune responses;
Transmission characteristics of field variants, including in animal models.

Due to the limited time available for fully completing ERINHA Advance TNA activities, we will prioritize fairly advanced projects (i.e., with robust proof of concept evidence) in need of specific and focused services that can be implemented and completed within weeks (such as: an in vivo efficacy study using Covid-19 disease model, a specific immunological analysis, an in vitro study using air/liquid interface epithelial airway models, a low-scale screening of antivirals, etc.). Exploratory projects are therefore out of scope.

In addition, this call for proposals aims at supporting projects with potential short to mid term high impact on mitigating the current pandemic. We will therefore prioritize User applications that :

• Are focused on vaccine responses (e.g., hetero- vs. homologous boost);
• Or focused on confirming the efficacy of candidate anti-SARS-CoV-2 medical countermeasures;
• Or focused on improving saliva or swab-based diagnostics;
• And/or have a high-probability of short-term impact (for example: if you lack some specific preclinical data to publish, or to progress towards the next step of development of your research)


We will select projects based on peer review through a fast track evaluation procedure.
Applicants can be affiliated to an organization (public or private) located in the EU, an associated country or any other country.
For more information about ERINHA TNA Programme, including the conditions for access & eligibility, please refer to ERINHA Advance TNA Programme Guidelines.

To apply, please make sure that you use the latest ERINHA-Advance TNA Application Form linked below as it has been revised and shortened since the last call for proposals to facilitate the preparation of your proposal.
ERINHA-Advance TNA Application Form

Please note that an organization can submit several applications led by different Users.
For any further question, please contact ERINHA Central Coordinating Unit.

Opening of the call: Friday 26th November 2021
Submission deadline: Proposals are recommended to be submitted prior to Monday 7th February 2022 (14.00 CET) for priority evaluation and implementation. Proposals received after this date may be evaluated, selected and implemented on a rolling basis depending on TNA budget availability.