ERINHA bulletin #3

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ERINHA 3rd general meeting

The meeting will take place in Annecy, France on the 28 and 29 April 2014.


ERINHA bulletin #2

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ERINHA bulletin #1

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Report on ergonomics in high containment laboratories

In the frame of WP4 dealing with BSL-4 design considerations, subtask 4.2.2 is to make recommendations for minimising the potential for accidents and errors in BSL-4 environments by intelligent design based on ergonomics, recognition of human limitations and the use of process and automation technologies. The report can be downloaded here.


Worshop on financial plan 8 July 2013, Paris

This internal workshop was attended by the project partners. The objective of this workshop was to update the partners on lastest work performed towards implementation and to work on the outlines of ERINHA financial plan.


ERINHA concept paper

The concept paper is now finalised by the consortium.


5th Executive Board meeting 24-25 April 2013 

The 5th Executive board meeting took place in Athens on 24-25 April 2013 and was co-organised by Inserm and the Hellenic Pasteur Institute.


ERINHA BSL-4 workshops 11-15 March 2013, Spiez

Pre-Workshop: "Biobanking of biological samples containing high-risk pathogens" Monday, 11 March 2013

The pre-Workshop will bring together groups that have experience in biobanking of moderate and high-risk pathogens in order to exchange experiences and to develop best practice protocols. These best practice protocols should improve interoperability of European laboratories and will provide useful background information for the design of new laboratories. Furthermore, opportunities for joint publications of protocols and future grant applications for funding under Horizon 2020 will be explored.


Workshop A: "Biosafety and biosecurity in a BSL-4 facility – Hands on presentations" Tuesday and Wednesday, 12-13 March 2013

Workshop A will bring together experts interested in state of the art work with high-risk pathogens. Harmonizing, standardizing and disseminating SOPs related to BSL4 biological resources management, biosafety and biosecurity issues, is an objective of ERINHA. Hands-on presentations in groups of 6-8 persons will include topics like room & filter fumigation, HEPA filter testing, full-body protective suits, effluent treatment plant, leakage and tightness testing and emergency evacuation in a BSL-4 suit laboratory. 


Workshop B: "BSL-4 Construction Workshop" Thursday and Friday, 14-15 March 2013

Estimating construction and operational costs of BSL-4 laboratories is the aim of workshop B. Scientists, engineers and experts in BSL-4 laboratory construction will discuss the best practices from a European perspective. User and legal requirements, construction standards and technical specifications, cost estimation tools, and operational costs of BSL-4 facilities will be covered.


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Past meetings


4th Executive Board meeting 29-30 Nov. 2012

WP leaders attended this meeting to report on activities and discuss next actions. The 4th ExB meeting was hosted by the INMI in Roma.


ERINHA 2nd General meeting 9-10 Oct. 2012 

The 2nd general meeting was hosted by the AGES in Vienna and took place on the 9-10 October 2012. 


The evidence-based design of high containement facilities 25-27 Sept. 2012, London

An international expert workshop on the evidence-based design of high containment facilities was organised by the HPA and was held in London between the 25th and 27th of September 2012. This workshop was attended by an international audience of containment experts (facility managers, scientists, architects and designers). This workshop forms part of ERINHA WP4 Task 4.2.


Workshop on ERINHA governance structure 4 July 2012

This workshop took place in Lyon was attended by the ERINHA partners to work on the draft of the ERINHA concept paper and governance structure.


Third Executive Board meeting 29-30 May 2012

WP leaders reported on the activities conducted within their WPs during last 6 months and discussed the next steps. The meeting was organised by the HPA in Porton Down.


Workshop on training and biosafety in BSL-4 laboratories 26-27 April 2012

During this workshop, held in Lisbon, the results on training questionnaire and a draft of core curriculum were presented. The report on BSL4 capacities (WP6) was also illustrated. All partners were invited to integrate the information provided by the questionnaire with a brief presentation on their training and biosafety procedures. The results will be used to draft a possible consensus statement.


Workshop User access to BSL-4 infrastructure 25-26 April 2012

Prospective users were invited to attend a workshop on user access to BSL-4 infrastructure organised by the HPA on 25-26 April 2012 in Lisbon. Access needs of the different user groups were discussed and gaps in the current provision of capabilities at BSL-4 were identified.


Workshop on legal status and governance 1st March 2012

The partners discussed the outlines of an appropriate governance structure and legal status for the operation of ERINHA. In the afternoon session, the ERIC legal status was presented from the experience of ECRIN and BBMRI.


Meeting with Member States representatives 29 Feb. 2012

A half-day meeting was organised in Paris CDG airport to introduce ERINHA to ministries officials of the Member States represented in preparatory phase and to give details and exchange on the needs and expectations. Representatives of health and research ministries from 8 countries - France, Germany, Greece, Romania, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, and Hungary - attended the meeting as well as the ERINHA partners and one representative of the European Commission.  


Meeting at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic 26 Jan. 2012

This meeting was held in Bratislava at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. It was an opportunity for the ERINHA partner of Slovakia and the project coordinator to introduce the ERINHA project to the director general of department of health and collect first impression on support. 


Meeting at the Ministry of Health of Italy 16 Jan. 2012

This meeting was held in Roma at the Ministry of Health of Italy. It was an opportunity for the ERINHA partner from Italy and the project coordinator to introduce the ERINHA project to a representative of the ministry of health and also collect first impression on support.


2nd Executive Board meeting 14 & 15 Dec. 2011

The meeting took place in Berlin at the Robert Koch Institute, Germany. The aim of this meeting was for the WP leaders to report on the activities conducted within the WPs and discuss the next steps. 


Meeting at the Swedish Research Council 12 Dec. 2011

This meeting was held at the SRC in Stockholm. It was an opprotunity for the swedish ERINHA partner and the project coordinator to introduce the ERINHA project to representatives of the SRC and also collect very first impression on support


Workshop on defining user requirements for BSL-4 facilities

This workshop was held on the 27th to the 29th of  September 2011 at the Laboratoire P4 Inserm Jean Mérieux in Lyon, France. It aimed at gathering best practice from scientists, engineers, architects and regulators to ensure the architects capture the users’ requirements and translate these into effective building designs. 


ERINHA general meeting 7 & 8 Sept. 2011
The meeting was hosted by Inserm and Inserm Transfert on the 7 & 8 Sept. 2011 in Lyon
(France). The partners presented the progress made since the launch of the project and
the next objectives for the forthcoming year.The experts of the Scientific Advisory
Board and the Ethics Advisory Board gave constructive advice to the ERINHA consortium.

ERINHA 1st general meeting 7 & 8 Sept. 2011

The meeting was hosted by Inserm and Inserm Transfert on the 7 & 8 Sept. 2011 in Lyon (France). The partners presented the progress made since the launch of the project and the next objectives for the forthcoming year. The experts of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Ethics Advisory Board gave constructive advice to the ERINHA consortium.


First Executive Board meeting 31 May 2011

The first executive board meeting took place on the 31 May 2011 in Bratislava, (Slovakia) and was hosted by the Slovak Medical University of Bratislava. This meeting gathered the leaders of workpackages (WPs) to discuss the activity and hurdles within their WP during the 6 first month of the project. It was also the opportunity to discuss the forthcoming steps until next ExB meeting.


ERINHA workshop at BioVision Forum 28 March 2011

ERINHA workshop "Building of a pan-European BSL4 research infrastructure" took place on the 28th of March 2011 from 11:45 to 13:45 at the BioVision's 7th World Life Sciences Forum (Lyon, France).

BioVision is a three-day international forum held in Lyon every two years which brings together leading scientists and representatives of various disciplines in Life Sciences, providing a place for discussing global issues in these areas.
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Kick-off meeting 29 & 30 November 2010

The programme of ERINHA activities has been launched during the kick-off meeting which was held on the 29 and 30 November 2010 in Paris.


ERINHA Launch of Preparatory Phase 1st Nov. 2010

The development of the ERINHA infrastructure has officially started on the 1st November 2010 by entering into a preparatory phase of 36 months. ERINHA preparatory phase is coordinated by Inserm (France) and is funded under the seventh Framework Programme of the European Union with a Community financial contribution up to 3,6 M€. The ERINHA consortium involves 22 partners from Europe. The main purpose of preparatory phase is to implement the infrastructure to the level of legal, financial and organisational maturity required to continue to construction phase and then operation phase.


Public Hearing at the European Parliament

A public hearing on health-related research infrastructures was held at the European Parliament on the 26th October 2010. The programme can be found here and the recorded broadcast here.