Concept of the ERINHA infrastructure PDF Imprimer

ERINHA aims to reinforce the European capacities for the study of Risk Group 4 pathogens and enhance the coordination of Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) and supporting infrastructures.  It seeks to give access to BSL-4 facilities to all interested European scientists with a relevant research project by establishing a pan-European distributed Research Infrastructure and supporting cutting-edge research into the pathogenesis of human diseases caused by the most dangerous microorganisms as well as applied research to develop new therapeutic techniques, diagnostic tools and prophylactics.

As a distributed infrastructure, the ERINHA Research Infrastructure (RI) will be a legal entity that will provide the external users (scientists from Academia, Industry, other RIs) with access to the BSL-4  and connected facilities’ (BSL-3, BSL-2, etc.) capacities through the Central Coordination Unit - ERINHA's executive body. ERINHA will coordinate research programmes and provide services and acitivities that cannot be provided by a single national infrastructure or a network of BSL-4 laboratories.

France has been selected as the host country for the Central Hub (CCU). The Headquarters of the ERINHA RI will be located in Paris and will have the status of an association.

The project is divided into three main phases: a preparatory phase, a construction phase and an implementation phase.